Poetry Feast, Sunday 3 April!

Poetry hits the streets of West Norwood

It’s all about get­ting the col­lect­ive muse on this year, WeNo-ers. We’re kick­ing off our sea­son of Feasts this Sunday 3 April with a poet­ic­ally themed one. This is what is hap­pen­ing (get out your quills).

PoetrySlabs, a local ini­ti­at­ive, want to know if you have a poem about your neigh­bour­hood that you would like to see on a ceram­ic slab exactly in the place where it inspires you.

You do? Here’s what to do with it, and many other things besides.
This whole lovely pro­ject (which has its own Kickstarter if you’re that way inclined) will run for sev­er­al months — here is what they will be doing at the bus depot on the Bzz Garage wall for example…

Emer­gency Poet
We have an exceptional guest at Feast this month, who will be set­ting up her ambu­lance near the entrance to the leis­ure centre at the Fam­ily Well­being hub! Come along and get your very own poem pre­scribed on the FHS (Feast Health Ser­vice — which is also free).

Entertaining you (for free)

We have poetry read­ings, salsa and samba bands and acrostics all lined up for you. Just take a look­see. Of spe­cial note is the poetry read­ings inside the church, which will be done by Real Poets and Real Act­ors.

And if you fancy doing some free garden­ing too, you can plant some­thing edible at the Hoopla Gardens bus stop.

Oh, and there’s a hundred stall market as well…

Take a stroll round the five Feast hubs (see map below for walk­ing times and other use­ful things, like where the five hubs are). There’s Baby Batiks and Bling Ya Bike at Fam­ily Well­being (for your well dressed baby on your well dressed bike) and at the Retro Vil­lage there’s an elk who sells Scandi retro — or some­thing utterly fab like that. From pop­corn to bur­gers, saus­ages to honey, hand crafted loo roll holders and la la beads, Feast has it all.

Feast Film Nights

And when it’s all over, you’ll still have a couple of films to go to until it’s time for May Feast. Can any­one spot the film theme..?

See you at Feast!