The spring winds of new life blow through West Norwood

Was this the best week­end in West Nor­wood ever?? A rad­ic­al state­ment pos­sibly, but based on the euphor­ia some people are still exper­i­en­cing, I would answer – prob­ably.

What struck me about this, our first feast of the year, was that like new life in spring there was the new­ness every­where.

Meet Tim

I heard him before I saw him. All I was doing was stand­ing on the steps of St Lukes bask­ing in the warm after­noon sun­shine when all at once I was embraced in wafts of glor­i­ous sounds. I turned around and there in a small corner of the church porch was Tim, perched on his tini chair amongst his amp, his vinyl and record play­er play­ing tunes. ‘Who are you?’ I asked bemused, elated, delighted. ‘I’m filling the per­form­ance gaps with my records’. Appar­ently he had con­tac­ted Feast HQ want­ing to play his music, sug­ges­ted this and the rest is his­tory.

And it wasn’t only me who loved it.

Was this the best week­end in WN ever?? I am going to revise my answer and say prob­ably not. Because this is the begin­ning, and this is just the start.

Until next month

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