West Norwood Foto — the winning photographs!

Our thanks to all contributors

Thank you to every­one who sent in entries to West Nor­wood Foto. One hun­dred and thirty eight pho­to­graphs were sub­mit­ted. And some more have just arrived! Our judges viewed the online gal­lery to make their decisions based on rela­tion­ship to theme and com­pos­i­tion. Age wasn’t taken into account and some of our winners/special men­tions are under 16. The young­est entrant was 7 years old.

After care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion, our judges have made the fol­low­ing selec­tions;

Category: Street Scenes

Cat­egory Win­ner and Over­all Win­ner

Catri­ona Gil­christ, Dog out­side Lad­brokes


An inter­est­ing and mel­an­chol­ic photo, with almost sur­real ele­ments to it. It also makes a social commentary.It touches upon the concept of street pho­to­graphy, which is see­ing, and put­ting togeth­er ele­ments as dis­par­ate as a dog, a broken pole, and a gambling den to cre­ate a visu­al mes­sage to goes out to the view­er and offers itself to mul­tiple inter­pret­a­tions”

- Street Scenes cat­egory judge, Pierre Alozie.

A clas­sic doc­u­ment­ary pho­to­graph in the sense that it cap­tures some­thing both fleet­ing (dog­gie) and unmov­ing (archi­tec­ture).  It also allows the view­er to pon­der on the folly of gambling!”

- Fant­ast­ic & Strange cat­egory judge, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire

Street Scenes: Run­ner Up

Ciaran Brad­bury-Hickey 


It is the dynam­ic com­pos­i­tion of this pho­to­graph that attrac­ted me to it. It seems to embody the essen­tial com­pon­ents of street pho­to­graphy (spon­taneity, com­pos­i­tion and wit among oth­ers), and best inter­preted the street theme of the com­pet­i­tion.”

- Street Scenes cat­egory judge, Pierre Alozie.

Spe­cial Men­tion

Janet Haney for mobility scooters and John Nott for St Lukes Church. Janet’s photo is full of humour and could have been second, and John’s photo is tech­nic­ally sound, although it is the kind of pho­to­graph seen in many pho­to­graphy magazines.

Category: Community

It was a very dif­fi­cult bal­ance between choos­ing a great look­ing photo and one that really said com­munity — some of the images that were visu­ally strong didn’t really say com­munity to me. Also, as it is com­munity there were often pic­tures with lots of people and lots going on in them, which some­times made for an images with no obvi­ous focal point. There were some strong images though and it was a hard choice”

- Com­munity cat­egory judge, Anna Hin­docha.


Jenny Ochera, Tug of War


It was a very tough choice but I kept com­ing back to this image. I love the fact that it is a prop­er com­munity effort — lit­er­ally every­one pulling togeth­er. A great inter­pret­a­tion of the theme. I love the strong diag­on­al which means that the image works des­pite the num­ber of people in it as the eye is guided through it. This, com­bined with the people’s pos­i­tions which show the effort they are put­ting into pulling, also adds dynam­ism and excite­ment. While the strong sun­light does in some ways make the image less “per­fect” I find the tex­ture of the road, the strong shad­ows, the purple lens flare and the burnt out sky all make for a visu­ally com­pel­ling image. Over­all, I felt this image had a bal­ance of say­ing the most about com­munity while also being very visu­ally inter­est­ing”

- Com­munity cat­egory judge, Anna Hin­docha.

Com­munity: Run­ner Up

John D Haney, Cemetery Tour


Them­at­ic­ally I really like the idea that the Friends of West Nor­wood Cemetery are keep­ing the dead involved and part of the com­munity by their events. Visu­ally, I love the pose of the speak­er and the com­pos­i­tion of the thin band of people sur­roun­ded by the green­ery.”

- Com­munity cat­egory judge, Anna Hin­docha.



Category: Fantastic and Strange


Seb Hilditch, Angel of Nor­wood


The Black & White takes out real­ist­ic greens of lichen, blues of sky and greys of stone mak­ing the pho­to­graph become more of an ima­gined pic­ture and less of a doc­u­ment­ary shot.  The com­pos­i­tion is poised and gives the impres­sion of a grace­ful por­trait of a real woman dressed up as an angel not unlike an old Vic­tori­an pho­to­graph by for instance Julia Mar­garet Camer­on”

- Fant­ast­ic & Strange cat­egory judge, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire

Fant­ast­ic & Strange: Run­ner up

Kes Young, child and plant 


This pic­ture bravely places an unusu­ally slight moment at the centre of the pic­ture there by tak­ing the viewer’s atten­tion to a sight eas­ily over­looked.  A child’s encounter with spiky plants sug­gests a schism between the intern­al place sug­ges­ted by their expres­sion and a spec­tac­u­lar plant per­haps not nat­ive to West Nor­wood.”

- Fant­ast­ic & Strange cat­egory judge, Her­mi­one Wilt­shire

Spe­cial men­tion

Fred­die Witchell for a com­pel­ling por­trait of a stone face.  The effect drew the judges atten­tion for a long time.  For his next pic­tures, Her­mi­one would recom­mend work­ing on com­pos­i­tion.

Feast volunteers’ vote!

This went to Hetty Lalleman’s charm­ing photo A Tight Knit. The photo was taken at Feast on the Tea & Talk Table, a space where people can sit and have a free cup of tea and a chat. It embod­ies all that is lovely about Feast!


Our thanks to our local business sponsors for providing the prizes