West Norwood’s Harvest FEASTIVAL

On 7th Octo­ber 2012, West Nor­wood FEAST will be sup­port­ing local food col­lec­tion char­ity Nor­wood Food­bank to orches­trate a massive food drive in the local area. We’re call­ing this the FEAST­iv­al! Togeth­er, we will be col­lect­ing non-per­ish­able, in-date food in the weeks run­ning up to the FEAST on 7th Octo­ber, when we’ll have food-related activ­it­ies and work­shops through­out the day, as well as our reg­u­lar monthly mar­ket.

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reas­ons ran­ging from redund­ancy to receiv­ing an unex­pec­ted bill on a low income. Trus­sell Trust food­banks provide a min­im­um of three days emer­gency food and sup­port to people exper­i­en­cing crisis in the UK.

Food­banks help pre­vent crime, hous­ing loss, fam­ily break­down and men­tal health prob­lems. A simple box of food makes a big dif­fer­ence. All food is donated by the pub­lic and sor­ted by volun­teers. Front­line care pro­fes­sion­als such as doc­tors and social work­ers identi­fy people in crisis and issue a food vouch­er. Cli­ents receive three days of nutri­tion­ally bal­anced, non-per­ish­able food in exchange for their food vouch­er. Food­banks also make time to chat and to sign­post cli­ents to other help­ful ser­vices.

Nor­wood Food­bank is based in St Luke’s Church in West Nor­wood and is open on Tues­days (10am-1pm) and Fri­days (10am-2pm).

Food­bank relies on food dona­tions to feed local people in crisis. Items urgently needed are:
Tinned meat and fish
Veget­ari­an options
Tinned veget­ables
Tinned fruit
Tinned and instant pud­dings
Longlife milk
Baby food
Pasta sauces all sizes
Cook­ing sauces all sizes
Instant cof­fee and Hot chocol­ate
Squash and fruit juice
Cakes with long shelf life

In addi­tion we also col­lect the fol­low­ing:
Nap­pies espe­cially lar­ger sizes
Wet wipes
Soap, shower gel, sham­poo
Wash­ing powder
Wash­ing up liquid
San­it­ary wear

You will be able to donate any non-per­ish­ables at St Luke’s Church, as well as at shops on Nor­wood High Street dis­play­ing the FEAST­iv­al poster. FEAST will also have dec­or­ated food col­lec­tion trol­leys out and about on the 7th Octo­ber to col­lect any spon­tan­eous dona­tions.

So remem­ber, don’t come empty handed — we need your dona­tions to make a dif­fer­ence!


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