We did it! A massive thanks to all those involved in helping serve an amazing first feast!

Sunday’s market was a clear embodiment of the spirit of people getting together to make something happen. The bounteous smiles and abundance of good will was brilliant. As one of us said, “I’ll be buzzing into Thursday!”

Very much like witnessing the hidden beauty of a flower revealing itself as it opens up, it was extraordinary to see West Norwood transform from the early hours in the morning as a quiet car free high street into the bustle of activity that was the market in full Sunday swing.

As dawn was breaking and the stalls still not put together, the realisation that the one ton generator would have to be moved by hand alone (down, and then up Knight’s Hill), and that we were somehow still two tables short, it was hard at times to see where we’d end up.

But with the gentle spring light revealing a cloudless sky and the quiet assured movements of an increasingly confident team of volunteers each market hub started to take shape. As stallholders arrived and helped with finishing the final stages of putting up the stalls all of sudden a market had formed.

Everyone involved was bursting with an incredible sense of energy and enthusiasm from the joined effort. And the numbers of people at the market confounded expectations.

If you’d like to share your impressions or thoughts of the day we’d love to hear from you.

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