Was this the best weekend in West Norwood ever?? A radical statement possibly, but based on the euphoria some people are still experiencing, I would answer – probably.

What struck me about this, our first feast of the year, was that like new life in spring there was the newness everywhere.

Meet Tim

I heard him before I saw him. All I was doing was standing on the steps of St Lukes basking in the warm afternoon sunshine when all at once I was embraced in wafts of glorious sounds. I turned around and there in a small corner of the church porch was Tim, perched on his tini chair amongst his amp, his vinyl and record player playing tunes. ‘Who are you?’ I asked bemused, elated, delighted. ‘I’m filling the performance gaps with my records’. Apparently he had contacted Feast HQ wanting to play his music, suggested this and the rest is history.

And it wasn’t only me who loved it.

Was this the best weekend in WN ever?? I am going to revise my answer and say probably not. Because this is the beginning, and this is just the start.

Until next month