Presenting…Goodways Electronics; a humble gem of a workshop hidden away in Dalton Street.


Here a whole range of repairs are undertaken by owner John. Our intrepid FEAST reporter squeezed into the space in front of a counter dominated by flat screen TV’s. Through the gap framed by this line of TVs, you can glimpse the workshop behind. Its crammed with electrical parts and appliances queued for repair.


So what does John repair? Well there is an impressive and intriguing list; TV’s, DVD players/recorders, vacuums, Dualit catering toasters, GHD hair stylers, Hi Fi equipment, Kenwood chef mixers and remote controls. John explains most of his trade comes from repairing TVs, which are now more complicated than the old cathode ray tube sets. Customers bring their screen into the workshop – this keeps repair costs down. And remote controls? They often get broken or overused! Vacuum cleaners ? Well they should have a 5-10 year lifespan, but John says he fixes machines as young as 2 years. And what is the oddest appliance he has been asked to mend? He pauses, grins with the recollection. A breast feeding pump! And yes, he did repair it.


Not surprisingly, Goodways customers are almost exclusively from West Norwood. In fact, Goodways has a loyal following sometimes spanning the generations of local families. How so? Because it is one of West Norwood’s longest standing businesses, having existed since the 1930s. It is even featured in its former high street location in the charming 1946 film, Suburban Weekend. Then known as Waygoods (note inspiration for the modern day name), the business consisted of a electrical goods shop and a repair workshop. The faded sign from its former glory days can still be seen on Chatsworth Way.


After studying at the since demolished Norwood Tech College, John started working at the original shop when he was 21. He recalls being asked to sell a kettle to 1970s TV personality Keith Chegwin! Now, if you do need to visit with an ailing electrical appliance, don’t go in on a Wednesday. That is when John is out and about doing CCTV and TV installations.

Goodways Electronics

27A Dalton street

SE27 9HS

Mon – Fri 9 to 5pm and Sat 9.30 to 4pm