A mid-summer week of unique dining experiences in West Norwood

Special menus and events have been curated for west Norwood Food Week ranging from free family picnics to Feasty experiences to fine dining tasting menus

To find out more and to book your place please visit


And please share with your friends – get them to come along too.

The week’s events

Sat 13 June – A Taste of Victorian History – Foodie Cemetery Tour in West Norwood

Sunday 14 June – Remember Your Childhood With a Free Family Picnic

Monday 15 June – Share a Bangladeshi Family Feast at Lal Baag

Tues 16 June – A British Celebration Supper at the Tulse Hill Hotel

Wed 17 June – Summer Sharing Feast under the Stars at the Great North Wood

Thurs 18 June – Share an Italian Summer Dinner at The Garden Gastro Bar

Friday 19  June – A DIY DJ evening, with local craft beers and paella at the Book and Record Bar

Sat 20 June – A Summer Afternoon of Art in the Park and Picnicking in Norwood Park

Sunday 21 June – A Taste of the Caribbean – A Midsummer Evening at the Portico Gallery