Hi all!

I’m Alex. I got involved with the Brixton Village project because I was a local resident, and I’ve now joined the Space Makers associates network. I’ve already met some of you at meetings at the Norwood Hotel and last week at The Railway.

As I watched the Space Makers project come to life in Brixton Village, it was obvious to me that performance was a crucial part of its success. Promenading crooners, cycle-powered sound systems, the world’s smallest cinema, puppetry, comedy, game shows, costume, children’s activities… the play infused everything with a quality of possibility.

This feels like a good time for the West Norwood Feast to start to get its play on. The form that this takes in West Norwood is bound to be very different, and tied to the character of the sites, the area, the people. As such, it’s going to benefit from one or two people really taking the lead, in the same way as is already happening for each of the four marketplace hubs. It seems to me that this person really needs (unlike me) to be local.

I know there’s so much we can bring to the project. For myself, I’m raring to introduce improvisation to the West Norwood Feast, much as my friends and I did with the Brixton Village Idiots. I know there’s creativity and talent blossoming through the cracks in the streets.

Let’s talk about this – in the comments here, or at the next couple of Tuesday night meetings – and if you’d like to take the lead on getting together a performance “working group” (or “playing group”?), then do speak up!