Let’s get our play on!

Hi all!

I’m Alex. I got involved with the Brix­ton Vil­lage pro­ject because I was a local res­id­ent, and I’ve now joined the Space Makers asso­ci­ates net­work. I’ve already met some of you at meet­ings at the Nor­wood Hotel and last week at The Rail­way.

As I watched the Space Makers pro­ject come to life in Brix­ton Vil­lage, it was obvi­ous to me that per­form­ance was a cru­cial part of its suc­cess. Prom­en­ad­ing croon­ers, cycle-powered sound sys­tems, the world’s smal­lest cinema, pup­petry, com­edy, game shows, cos­tume, children’s activ­it­ies… the play infused everything with a qual­ity of pos­sib­il­ity.

This feels like a good time for the West Nor­wood Feast to start to get its play on. The form that this takes in West Nor­wood is bound to be very dif­fer­ent, and tied to the char­ac­ter of the sites, the area, the people. As such, it’s going to bene­fit from one or two people really tak­ing the lead, in the same way as is already hap­pen­ing for each of the four mar­ket­place hubs. It seems to me that this per­son really needs (unlike me) to be local.

I know there’s so much we can bring to the pro­ject. For myself, I’m rar­ing to intro­duce impro­visa­tion to the West Nor­wood Feast, much as my friends and I did with the Brixton Village Idiots. I know there’s cre­ativ­ity and tal­ent blos­som­ing through the cracks in the streets.

Let’s talk about this — in the com­ments here, or at the next couple of Tues­day night meet­ings — and if you’d like to take the lead on get­ting togeth­er a per­form­ance “work­ing group” (or “play­ing group”?), then do speak up!

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