Holiday! Celebrate!

“If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice…”
– Madonna
It’s August Feast this Sunday, the weather looks cheerful (isn’t it always?) and we’ve got a whole day of entertaining ourselves together. Here’s what’s happening, people.

Feast – entertaining your ears & feet all day

Along with the usual food and gorgeous things to buy, we’ve got all this music stuff happening, such a line up!

We have a NEW VENUE (!!!), the Book & Record Bar, with DJs playing right through from midday until 7pm (long after Feast has gone to bed).
DJ Food Pete W kicks things off at 12pm with a two hour Out of the Wood radio show hosted by WNBC.LONDON  Radio… (that’s the West Norwood Broadcasting Company to you and me, an internet based radio station).
From 2pm, fresh from the triumphant Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld 25th Anniversary Orb gig at the Electric, Dr Alex Paterson presents Cake Lab, an afternoon of ambient music, a return to the Chill Out rooms of his early DJing days. With guests including George Holt and lots of cake, of course. Fully licensed bar and Volcano coffee also served..

The Portico Gallery comes alive in the afternoon with the delightful folk from Cut a Rug who will be entertaining you all with a great line up of bands.

PoetrySlabs are doing their usual Feast thing in the library – and if it DARES to rain, check out the bits of poetry they have around West Norwood…

Eggs & spoons, lollipops, bubbles & beer

It’s all going on at Family Wellbeing. We have the return of the much loved August activity – Feast Children’s Sports Day – three legged races, egg & spoon, sack races – the works. There will also be giant bubbles to chase.

If all of that is thirsty work (for parents, just watching, as well as the kids), check out our newest edition to the leisure centre hub! Meet Stanley, the Beer Cab, whose two owners will serve you craft beer and soft drinks from his converted innards.

And if your kids are still keen and lively after all that, down at the Artisans’ hub on Chatsworth Way there will be all sorts of summery things to do with lollipop sticks – boats, butterflies, fish…

And at Retro on Knight’s Hill you can even decorate a cupcake should that be your wish….

Who needs to go on holiday when you can come to Feast..?