West Norwood Feast is a people powered market…

West Nor­wood Feast is a people powered mar­ket.
Never a truer word has been spoken

Today was the day of our first Feast and the high street became a play­ground (yes a play­ground) on which friend­ships were made and rekindled, stalls ran out of stock before noon, first time entre­pren­eurs real­ised their dreams and chil­dren danced in the spring sun­light. The gor­illa garden­er brought the high­street tree beds back to life, the food mar­ket and queues became one and the retro mar­ket jived well into the late after­noon. People came and they stayed, and they ate and they chat­ted and they danced and they watered the plants and they laughed; and they worked hard. There was magic in the air today and it spread into every corner of West Nor­wood.

Bring on the next Mar­ket. West Nor­wood Feast is a people powered mar­ket and we want YOU.


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